Outsourced Accounting

Outsourced AccountingOutsourcing of services began in earnest in the 1980's with third parties supporting and eventually running IT departments for large companies. Since then, other services, including accounting functions have been outsourced by large companies. Black Box provide an outsourced accounting service for the small to medium sized enterprise (with an employee count from a few people up to 500 people).

  • Availability of skilled staff
  • Outside expertise to manage process
  • Independence of the finance function is strengthened
  • Scalable (up and down)
  • Cost effective access to a wide range of system

The advantages outlined above translate into real, tangible commercial benefits for the company. Black Box Outsource is a hands-on operation, designed to move as little or as much of the accounting function away from the client to dedicated resource at Black Box premises.

A Job well done
Correctly skilled staff will mean that the job is done properly. This could be processing of invoices, monthly reporting or preparation of annual accounts and audit packs. But the cost of this is small compared to using staff that cannot undertake the functions properly.

Badly prepared accounts = bad reports = bad decision making = badly run business and high audit bills.

Cost savings
It may not always be true, but in many cases the cost of outsourcing can actually be a lower cost than an in-house operation. Apart from salary and salary on-costs, many SME's have found that the cost of recruitment, training, staff management and HR costs, not to mention covering for absence can all add up to a large cost. By using Black Box, with a scaleable solution, the client pays a volume-matrix based fee, and Black Box manages the staff and associated costs.

Cost effective access to systems
Many SME's cannot afford the cost of deploying, maintaining and supporting a wide range of systems. Instead, they compensate by using more expensive manual process and procedures. By using Black Box, companies can gain access to a much wider range of system than they would normally expect. In addition to ledger accounting data, Black Box deploy a portal that includes:

  • Purchase Invoice Portal
  • Sales Invoice Portal
  • Payroll Portal
  • Expenses Portal
  • HR Portal
  • Purchase Order System

Contact Black Box to see if outsourcing, to a greater or lesser extent, is right for you.